Steven Assanti : Psychological Problems and Morbid Obesity

05.28.2020 Where are they now – Tlc’s My 600-lb Assanti Brothers New Episode Update My 600-lb life is a reality show that documents the life...

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid Personality Disorder

A state of continuous insecurity and skepticism that begins in young adulthood and occurs under different circumstances, interpreting the behavior of others as malicious. 1)...

Mental Health

Benefits of Probiotics on Mental Health and Digestive System

Probiotics are micro-organisms that help digestion and provide a healthy immune system. Our digestive systems host literally trillions of micro-organisms that regulate our stomach flora....

Mental Health

Intestinal Bacteria Affects Mind Function

According to a recent study by researchers at UCLA, there is a link between intestinal bacteria and mind function. This emphasizes the direct effect of...


Supportive Psychotherapy

Supportive psychotherapy is a psychotherapy which requires psychiatric diagnostic evaluation. So it’s for achieving a planned and specific goal of therapeutic interventions. It is also...

Mental Disorders

Personality Disorders

Personality disorder; It is a continuous behavior and inner life pattern that deviates significantly from the expectations of the culture. This pattern manifests itself in...


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