7 CBT Techniques to Eliminate Negative automatic thoughts

Negative automatic thoughts push us into depression. Increases the level of anxiety. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of these thoughts. It is possible to get rid of these thoughts by using CBT techniques. This has been scientifically proven. Moreover, in most cases, negative automatic thoughts have completely disappeared.

What is Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)

7 CBT Techniques

Keep a diary :

Cbt is a technique that is often applied. It is very effective in raising the awareness of the person. The awareness of the individual’s behavior, feelings and thoughts is tried to be increased. In this context, in the context of positive psychology, there are daily logs of gratitude.

With CBT techniques you can destroy your thoughts negatively automatically. Focus on the present time !!

Awareness exercises:

To be aware of the moment – The main focus is on studies. Behaviors, thoughts and emotions are shaped by focusing on the main focus. It is tried to get rid of the regrets of the past and the concerns of the future.

Questioning the accuracy of thoughts:

The most important of the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques is to question the accuracy of false thoughts. Different applications, tests and exercises have been developed for this purpose. You can do this with therapy or yourself.

Relaxation exercises:

It is particularly notable for awareness therapy, the easier it is for a person to think positively about how well he feels.


Observation assignments may be given in order to be aware of the wrong thinking. The client can practice the gains in therapy and practice exercises. Assignments can also be written. It is applied very frequently in cbt. The more successful the assignments are, the greater the success rate.

Self-study with books:

The books prepared in accordance with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are definitely a very effective way. Self-help books have been widely used in recent years. Not all of these books are useful so it is necessary to be very careful in selecting a book.

Computer assisted cognitive behavior therapy:

Applications are becoming increasingly widespread in recent years. Computer games designed for young people and children have been used. These programs are written using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. With the development of artificial intelligence every year, the area of ​​influence increases and more is used.

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