A New Hobby for Anxiety Problem: Cross stitch

It can be very useful to deal with any business that you love in problems such as Anxiety problem, Bipolar, Obsession and depression.

This is very important for art therapy. Any hobby can prevent you from constantly thinking about negative things. You can focus on the main focus.

Cross stitch is a very nice hobby, especially for women. It’s an effort you have to be very careful with. So you focus on what you do. You may feel better for not thinking about anything else.

What is Cross stitch?

They are motifs formed by crossing with a rope on a sparse linen fabric.
It is not necessary to use linen fabric. Etamin fabric is the most ideal fabric.

It doesn’t require a dexterity.
Even if you have just started, you can easily work very well.
It is not exhausting.
It requires you to be careful.

What are the benefits?

Those who lack attention can try. It’s good for a lack of attention.
It allows you to focus on your main focus.
Enjoy, you will be happy.
It allows you to move away from negative thoughts.
Good for anxiety and obsessions.

The materials you need to make cross stitch

Etamin fabric
Cross stitch
Cross stitch needle

Auxiliary Resources


Especially three-dimensional works are very nice. You can review the model and sample.


There are Cross stitch kits on this website.


There are both sample models and you can buy.

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