A Social Problem: Child Neglect and Abuse

Children who are not infants, who are not adults, who try to understand and recognize life, are underdeveloped, whose logical judgment does not resemble us adults, are pure, innocent, growing day by day, happy with little things, crying for things that will not happen, and do not understand why adults say “no”.

In recent years, we have heard through the media that child abuse and neglect has become widespread. Also there are a lot of children who are not in the media, who don’t have a sound.

Everyone is children, up to the age of 18 and every child is in need of protection. Therefore the basic rights of children should have “right to protection“, “right to live”, “right to develop” and right to self-expression.. Child neglet’s definiton is the neglect of physical or emotional negligence of the persons who must take care of the child.

Child Abuse- Photo Source @machooma_hassan

It is possible to detect signs of physical neglect, but the findings of emotional neglect often hide itself. Until the child presents an emotional or behavioral problem. Child abuse is defined by the World Health Organization. As all behaviors deliberately or unintentionally introduced by an adult, society or state. It affects the child’s health, physical and psychosocial development. Abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Every form of abuse, every kind of voice, is enough to make chance of healthy and normal individuals.

Types of Abuse

One of the most common and most difficult to understand abuse is domestic abuse. Especially sexual abuse cases should make everyone think about society’s mood. Sexually abused children give little signs, in fact, it is our duty to hear their little voices, to be vigilant about this or to support them to be their voices. One of the biggest mistakes is to think that it is not real by referring to the imagination of children. Yet children are beings who cannot lie. It is important to teach them to protect their bodies and say no and to ask for help in the face of ill-treatment.

Child abuse is a social disease en that concerns all segments of society. And more abuses in a society are directly related to the mental health of that society. The first step to take against child abuse is to increase social awareness and sensitivity, to put forward and support personal efforts, not to be insensitive,not to be afraid of talking, to hold the hand of the abused children and to create magical effects with small touches in their lives.

“Every crisis is an opportunity!” Means that our society is not just an audience. Let us not forget that healthy and happy children means healthy and happy society…

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