Addiction Therapies

Individual therapies are very important in addiction treatment. The first goal in addiction therapies is to help the person gain insight into addiction and develop a perception of harm. In therapies, the factors that push the person to use substances should be determined and the patient should be kept away from the determined person, situation, place or triggers. The person is helped to reconstruct their life. It should be ensured that the person recognizes their wishes and learns and develops ways to cope with the request.

In addiction treatment and addiction therapies individual psychotherapies are very necessary and effective to gain insight into the psychological factors that cause relapses and cope with possible risky situations. To prevent the intense emotional states that push the person to substance use, problematic thinking and behavioral patterns should be determined and evaluated, and more functional responses that can be used instead of them should be determined with the patient. The focus should be on improving the person’s coping skills and problem-solving skills. It is also important to recognize and cope with emotions to prevent slippage. Therefore, emotion management should also be studied in interviews.

What is Essential in Addiction Therapies

It is essential to activate the motivation for the continuity of recovery in addiction treatment. For this reason, in individual therapies, the patient’s resources are activated in cooperation with the therapist and the patient is aimed to enjoy life without resorting to alcohol and substances. The talks are about building a new life outside the alcohol-substance axis, acquiring new occupations, and living his life in a more planned and programmed manner.

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