Anger Problems in Children

Anger is a normal emotion, just like happiness, sadness, anxiety. What is important is the severity of our anger.

Parents usually don’t ask why their children is so angry. They usually result oriented. However, the first thing we should think about as a parent is why our child cannot control his anger and why he feels his anger very intensely.

Periodic events may have an impact on this, such as the relationship problem between parents, divorce processes, change of environment, starting school, change of school. The mood of the parents is quite triggering. It is inevitable that the child of an angry, tense mother or father is angry. Vital events can create anger in children, loss, separation, death and so on. The periods of life are another factor that we should pay attention to.

What really causes anger ?

For example, a 3-6 year old child often has anger and persistent seizures. Or our adolescent child, which is one of the hardest transition periods of life, may experience anger. After investigating the cause of his anger, we need to deal with anything that can cause anger. For example, if our behavior triggers the anger of our child, we can think that it is our mirror and we can get support on our behalf.

Whatever the reason is, the child who has anger seizure should be allowed to express his anger, and the way of suppressing the anger should not be followed. We can talk about the anger after the child has subsided. One of the best ways to express children’s emotions is painting and play. We can be supportive in this regard.

One of the most important issues we should be aware of for both the younger age group and adolescents is not to respond to anger attack with an angry response. We need to maintain our calm, we must avoid excessive positive or negative reactions that can reinforce your anger, in other words, be reward.

Raising children is hard work. Dear parents, but again the issue came to us, we need to look at whether we have caused her anger and as much as possible to be patient and understanding. If we do not have the power to do these, we should get support.

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