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Sefa Ozer
Sefa Ozer
Currently studying psychology and researching cognitive behavioral therapy. Also have studied comprative literature,interested in gender studies,. Loves helping people playing video games and dancing.
Sexual Health

What Are the Principles of Healthy and Happy Sexual Life?

For a happy and fulfilled sexual life, the individual should consider the following:   Sexuality begins with knowing yourself first and can only be directed...

Child and Adolescent Psychology

What is Cognitive Devemlopment in Childeren? How to Support it

The development of mental activities that enable the individual to perceive, understand and interpret the world around him is called ‘cognitive development‘. Cognitive development begins...

Child and Adolescent Psychology

What Does Child Psychologist Do?

Correct and timely fulfillment of physiological and psychological needs in childhood is a prerequisite for healthy development. While parents are ready to make all kinds...


What is Love Therapy?

Love is the feeling of engagement with the highest level of attachment, which provides a fascinating inner peace that ultimately leads to love and acceptance....

Courses and Trainings General Psychology Mental Disorders

What is Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that can begin in early childhood and persist until adulthood. It is also a psychiatric disorder...

Anxiety Disorder

What is Exam/Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is more than feeling a little nervous before a test. For students who struggle with test anxiety, a bit of pre-exam nervousness turns into...

CBT techniques Mental Disorders

Sleeping Disorders

Sleep is a reversible behavior and consciousness state in which the organism’s interactions with the environment, perceptions and reactions disappear, and about one-third of our...

Child and Adolescent Psychology Courses and Trainings General Psychology

Spinal Galant Reflex and ADHD

Recent research shows that primitive reflexes and restlessness have a strong link between ADHD symptoms and inability to maintain concentration. Reflexes are unconscious muscle movement...

Depression General Psychology Mental Disorders

What is Dissociative Amnesia? Causes Treatment and More

Dissociative amnesia is one of the few dissociative disorders that often occur in trauma and severe stress situations. In the case of dissociative amnesia, the...

CBT techniques

Is Taking Pictures Harmful to Memory?

Nowadays, it is very common to record our memories in technological devices rather than storing them in our memory. So much so that we can...


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