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25 Sep, 2021

Biography of B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner is best known for his work in Behaviorism, a theory that explores...

23 Sep, 2021

Daniel Goleman’s Biography

Daniel Goleman is an internationally renowned psychologist, author, and lecturer. His work has been translated...

24 Aug, 2021

Lima Syndrome: What It Is ? and How To Deal ?

Lima syndrome is a term for psychological distress experienced by Westerners in East Asian cultures....

21 Aug, 2021

Münchausen Syndrome: The Dangerous Fake Illness

Münchausen Syndrome is a dangerous fake illness that is used to gain sympathy and attention....

18 Aug, 2021

Alien Hand Syndrome: Stop! You’re Scaring Me

I’m not sure if I have Alien Hand Syndrome or just a very strong personality,...

15 Aug, 2021

Lycanthropy: Myth or Reality?

Lycanthropy is the disease that supposedly causes a person to turn into an animal-human hybrid....

12 Aug, 2021

Apotemnophilia: The Strange Situation

Apotemnophilia is a rare condition in which individuals are sexually aroused by the idea of...

9 Aug, 2021

Cotard Delusion: Hallucination of Death

Imagine waking up to the feeling of being dead. Cotard Delusion is a rare psychiatric...

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