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Marilyn Walker
Marilyn Walker
I am studying in Florida about Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I'm doing research on Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Cognitive psychology, Metacognitive Therapy.

Steven Assanti : Psychological Problems and Morbid Obesity

05.28.2020 Where are they now – Tlc’s My 600-lb Assanti Brothers New Episode Update Most of the people with morbid obesity have psychological problems because...

Eating Disorder

Self-Monitoring and Binge Eating

⁣“In the moment” recording of relevant thoughts, feelings, and behaviours is a core strategy of standard cognitive and behavioural therapies. ⠀ Monitoring your daily eating...

CBT techniques

7 CBT Techniques To Eliminate Negative Automatic Thoughts

Negative automatic thoughts leads us into depression. Increases the anxiety. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of these thoughts. It is possible to...

CBT techniques

Depression and Metacognitive Therapy

In this content, effective treatment and application techniques of depression are explained with Metacognitive Therapy. The information and applications in the content are taken from...

Bipolar Disorder

14 TV Series Characters With Bipolar Disorder

This list includes the TV series characters that has bipolar disorder and manic depressive disorder. Some “soap opera” (indicated) Bipolar disorder is a superficial and...


Napoleon Complex In Women

In this text; The disadvantage of women with Napoleon Complex and negative psychological effects of being short in women will be emphasized. In scientific studies...

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy: Is it The Most Effective Therapy?

Schema Therapy is one of the most popular therapy method in recent years. It is so successful that the books about it are among the...

Mental Disorders

Capgras Syndrome

The psychotic disorder, known as the Capgras Syndrome, was first described in detail by French psychiatrists Capgras and Reboul-lachaux in 1923. So, these two psychiatrists...


FAQ About Hypnosis

In this content, we will provide detailed information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Did you attend a session? or are you interested in hypnotherapy as an...

Metacognitive Therapy

Metacognitive Therapy

Although Metacognitive Therapy is still new, I think it is one of the psychotherapy methods we will hear most in the future. The founders of...


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