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21 Jul, 2021

6 reasons to use white noise

White noise refers to any sound which combines all different frequencies together so they appear...

24 Jun, 2021

Metacognitive Therapy: A Creative Mindset for Healing

Metacognitive Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach to dealing with emotional and behavioural problems that are...

16 Oct, 2021

7 Cartoon Characters With Bipolar Disorder

All of the comic book characters listed in this list are related one way or...

16 Oct, 2021

Self Empowerment Via Cognitive Approach

Self Empowerment is one of the basic techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy. The self-schema about...

16 Oct, 2021

What Is Hikikomori?

Hikikomori means being isolated or confined in Japanese. It’s used for adolescents or adults who withdrew...

22 Sep, 2021

The Biography of Albert Ellis

Who is Albert Ellis? Albert Ellis was an American psychologist and psychotherapist (September 27, 1913-July...

22 Sep, 2021

A Biography of Emile Coue

In the early 1900s, a French psychologist and pharmacist named Emile Coue had a new...