Basic Assumptions of Schema Therapy

1- The first assumption of schema therapy about is that we all have a happy and satisfied side.

Some may refer to this process as self-realization, and some may reveal the true self. This assumption represents the direction of human development. This direction is very personal for everyone. To understand the situation, we can use the seed of domates as a metaphor. The ultimate goal of each domates seed is to become domates. The ultimate goal of each person internally is to be able to exhibit their originality in life.

2- The second assumption of schema therapy is that everyone is born with some basic needs.

If these needs are met in a healthy way, we will feel better and carry the potential within us more easily. These needs include establishing good relations with people, being autonomous, being accepted, being approved, having fun, expressing ourselves and so on. countable.

3- According to the third assumption, people can change.

Some people don’t change. It brings the features it has from birth and completes its life with those features. In other words, it is the same as in childhood and in old age. When we look around, we can find a lot of evidence that this approach is valid. But the experience of psychotherapy and many other examples show us that change is possible. The fact that change is difficult does not mean that it is not possible.

4- The fourth assumption accepts that we all have strong tendencies to reject change.

This does not contradict the third assumption. One side desires development, while the other side resists it. Because change is a difficult process. Especially in terms of psychotherapy, change requires confronting very difficult feelings and taking new steps for our lives. (3 TRANSLATIONS)

5- According to the fifth assumption, we all have strong tendencies to escape pain.

This is in a way bad in a good way. The good thing is that he assumes that we will avoid pain and negativity and look for what is good for us. The downside is that change means that we will avoid the difficulties and suffering.

6- Scheme According to the sixth assumption in the philosophy of change of therapy; There is no single technique available to all people.

Change is not a one-dimensional process. In this respect, schema therapy tries to use cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal and experiential techniques in psychotherapy process.

7- According to the seventh assumption of schema therapy, every person needs to create a personal goal.

Improvement of schemes is the first and most important pillar of change. Schemas prevent us from forming and achieving our personal goals in life. The improvement of the schemes leaves us alone with our personal goals. Therefore, the process of change is strategic and not random.

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