An Example: Bipolar and Marriage

What is Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, previously known as bipolar depression, is a psychiatric disorder marked by episodes of depression and abnormally high mood periods that range from days to weeks. This article contains a short story of a man who married a woman with Bipolar Disorder and how this disease affects their life. Also, some bipolar disorder terms such as when his wife enter manic and depressive periods, etc.

A Short Story of Freddy

It is very challenging to marry a bipolar lover or someone with bipolar disorder. In America and Canada, 90% of bipolar marriages result in divorce. (1991 – According to the results of a scientific research, the divorce rate in normal marriages is 40%

Freddy, a mechanical engineer in Florida, explains: For 6 years I didn’t realize that my wife Beryl was suffering from bipolar disorder. In 6 years, we experienced 3 police stations, 7 separations and 6 reunifications and we had two children from this marriage.


Freddy continues to tell.

I thought she was suffering from depression and did not approve of his medication. I learned that my wife had bipolar disorder, that it can repeat every year at certain periods, that this disease would last a lifetime and that it could be a genetic disease six years after I married.

The relationship with my wife was really a two-pronged state. We became the happiest couple in the world and experienced the angriest moments.

A bipolar person is a person who directs the bilateral relationship. Every imbalance experience reflects in the same way.

When you worry about your wife, your wife can get dressed up and go somewhere else. She doesn’t care about you. She can enjoy the moment while you worry about her. You want to be close to her but she escapes from you. You beg your wife, but she doesn’t care. Sometimes it’s impossible to feel the same. Sometimes it turns into a different person. There are some fictions in your wife’s mind, and it becomes almost impossible to change. During the manic episode, she may sometimes have enthusiastic and angry reactions, but in the depressive period you will never hear a good sentence. Because it tends to look at every event from a bad and negative angle.

If you are with someone bipolar;

You must be understanding,you must bear the consequences of every evil, you must always express your regret, you may have to apologize constantly.

She won’t admit his illness and will hold you responsible. You’re gonna be the bad guy.
You will always be the one who takes your relationship with them from the bottom.
When you’re with them, you’ll forget what pride is.
You’ll have to think about it all the time.

This is how we can list the negative aspects. So why should you put up with this? Because you have a reason to put up with all this. Her big heart and love. You will have such beautiful and unforgettable moments and years that it will be worth all of these troubles.

When Does She Enter Manic and Depressive Episodes?

She usually enters the manic period in the first spring and summer. It doesn’t matter where she went into manic. So even if it takes place in Paris during the winter months can experience a depressive period.

A conscientious relative is very important both to prevent the triggering of the disease and to control the reactions during the illness. We can control bipolar disease with medications, Therapy process, love and compassion.

My wife finally had a serious problem. During this period, she lost both her mother and her sister soon. I couldn’t be around him much in this process. At the end of this process we learned that my wife had bipolar disorder.

My wife didn’t use any medication, never went to therapy, but we got through this problem in a mild way. If you have a partner or lover who hugs you all night long and you use it to help with the lack of Lithium (with lithuril and neurophrenia), it may be easier to cope with this bipolar disorder. But if you don’t have a lover to sleep and hug at night and don’t use lithium, your attacks can be very severe and you can get into more intense depression.

If your husband or wife (also your lover) has the bipolar syndrome, you can see the symptoms.

  – She’s thinking faster and more complicated than you.
  – She can make sudden decisions.
  – It can change very quickly at two opposite poles.
Most people do not want to relate to someone with bipolar disorder. In marriage, it is very difficult for the relationship to continue. But if you love your partner and want to continue your relationship no matter what, you need to know that you need to be more forgiving and more possessive.

Remember, many mistakes you see in your partner are not his own intentional mistakes. If you show interest and compassion, you can make him feel better.

The biggest problem between me and my wife is trust. My wife doesn’t trust me, and I can’t get over it. My friends now think I need to focus on myself. I even have friends who think I need a divorce. But I love my wife and I don’t want my daughter to be adversely affected.

My wife doesn’t care much about her illness: she thinks she can only cure with two pills in the morning and evening. Lithium supplements and drug are not enough in the treatment of bipolar. Two most important feelings of love and compassion. The nights are very important to sleep comfortably and peacefully. You have to hug your wife. You should provide your spouse with a way of resting, as in the womb. Otherwise, your partner will not find peace.

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