Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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Individuals with this disease perceive a defect of a particular body part that is not real or very ambiguous.They think that it’s a very big defect. They constantly try to control and correct it. This anxiety and effort can take all their time and energy and push them to be ascoial. Because of their over thinking they may become unable to do their jobs.

The most disturbed body parts are; nose, hair-eyebrows-beard-eyelashes, ears, short stature / length and small moles on the skin, spots. In recent years, cases of excessive mental occupation related to body muscle mass, especially in men, have been increasing.

In fact, there is either no defect in these areas of the body in patients, or there is a defect that is unnoticeable and unimportant to anyone else. But individuals with this disease accept this as the most important issue and problem of their lives, they perceive it as such and seek various ways to correct this defect. For example, they use unnecessary medications, and even expose themselves to unnecessary aesthetic surgeries.

These patients usually do not consult psychiatrists on their own accord. Because they do not think that their problems are of psychological origin and are not easily convinced. They usually consult a psychiatrist due to their relatives’ insistence or secondary psychiatric disorders. (depressive disorder, anxiety disorder) caused by this mental illness.

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