Book Review: Feeling good – from a depression patient.

I finished this book in a year. I did all the tests and practices in the book . Feeling Good is a successful cognitive behavioral therapy book.
A lot has changed in a year. The book didn’t change my life. But the book showed me how to think.

I wasn’t feeling well, yes. As a depressed patient, I learned a lot from the book.

I’ve been going into minor depressions from time to time. Once I had a major depression for 15 days. Then I went to the psychiatrist. He gave me (Wellbutrin XL 150 mg 30). After that day, I started to feel very well, but I had to read a book.

I stopped using depression medication four months after I started reading the book.

I was sick of depression and I had no money to go to therapy. So I applied the tests in this book.

There’s a depression test in the book. I did this test and got a 29/100. I thought I had major depression after the medication. But it was still going on.

I applied the tests at different times.

1 month after 59%
63% after 3 months
79% after 1 year
4 years after 74%

Depression Test Increased my awareness.

These depression tests were very important to me. I keep on practicing.

I write this article four years after the book is finished. Now I will tell you how I am and what I learned from the book.

I’ve stopped thinking about being a perfectionist.
I’m still reluctant to act sometimes. But I often push myself.
I don’t blame myself too much. (But I’m still doing this from time to time)
My self-confidence has risen.
My complexes are running low. (Not completely destroyed, but very few)

I didn’t get any therapy, but I’m not very good. I still want to go to therapy anyway. My self-confidence is a little low now. Because I’m unemployed. I’m also aware of the mistakes I’ve made in the past (still). This reduces my self-esteem.

Maybe I should read the book a second time.

My thought about the author: David Burns

Finally, I thank him for providing this awareness.

David is very friendly, with a strong character and patient (with reads) He knows very well how to speak.
I felt as though I were in his session. I felt strong.
With a great discipline I applied the methods that he prepared.
I’ve never been able to do this in a book before.

Feeling good for these reasons and David Burns is very important and valuable to me. It impressed me and in part changed my life.

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