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August 9, 2022

Symmetry OCD: An Interesting Type of OCD

Like many other forms of OCD, symmetry OCD is characterized by intrusive and disturbing thoughts,…

August 7, 2022

Antidepressants: What Should You Know About Them?

Antidepressants are medications that are used to treat depression. They work by increasing the levels…

August 5, 2022

Family Counseling Services: Everything You Should Know

If you are seeking family counseling services, it is important to understand the various types…

August 3, 2022

What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)?

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, or REBT, is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that was developed…

July 26, 2022

Stendhal Syndrome: A Brief Summary of This Interesting Phenomenon.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of intense excitement while visiting a place that is…

July 23, 2022

Diogenes Syndrome: Everything You Should Know

Diogenes syndrome is a mental disorder characterized by extreme self-neglect and social isolation. People with…

April 20, 2022

Habit Reversal Training (HRT) and Behavioral Therapy

Habit Reversal Training (HRT) is a proven behavioral therapy for reducing tics associated with Tourette…

March 10, 2022

Personality Disorders: What Are They?

Do you know what a personality disorder is? Most people don't, even though they may…