CBT techniques – Applied in therapies-

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  CBT Techniques are applied in 2 different ways.

1- (Patient and therapist) during therapy.
2- On your own.

(CBT) techniques can be applied during the therapy session.

Psychological diseases using CBT Technique

1- Behavioral problems
2- Depression
3- Anxiety disorders (phobias)
4- Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Techniques

According to the CIS, our thoughts are the source of our behaviors and feelings.
Anxiety and negative emotions come from wrong and negative thoughts and beliefs.
Therefore, the main purpose of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques (CBT techniques) is to correct false thoughts and beliefs.


For this reason, for a positive change in behavioral therapy, the individual is asked to observe the behavior patterns, take notes and gain awareness.

Staying late is John’s problem. His therapist tells John to keep a note. John keeps a note of what he does every day. After a while, John reads the notes. After reading the notes, he realizes that playing games until late at night is a big problem.

A technique used in marriage therapy. The couples who are constantly discussing should definitely understand why they are arguing. For this, couples should take notes. What happened before the debate? Did the relatives come home? Maybe the problem is in relationships with relatives.

cbt is frequently used in family therapies.

Importance: These notes increase the patient’s self-awareness during therapy.


After positive thoughts and behaviors, reward is important for the patient. This strengthens the positive.

When the client applies the techniques given as homework, some psychotherapists apply discounts on the session fee.
Similarly, you can give yourself this reward. You have a fear of moving away from home. After being away from home as a reward, you can choose to eat cake from your favorite bakery.

Role Playing

You can apply this technique on your own. Or you can do it with someone you love. During the therapy, however, the therapist sees where you are struggling. Therefore, the therapist chooses the treatment according to this problem.

Example:  David says he is afraid to talk to new people. Because he has a concern. The therapist is fond of different people. So they practice with different roles.

Example:  Alanis 16 years old. Alanis has to read poetry in front of everyone in the classroom. But he is concerned because he has social phobia. To overcome this concern, a few people can come together and form a classroom environment.

social phobia

Exposure Therapy

This cbt techniques is used to treat anxiety.
In exposure therapy, the client confronts the object of fear in a safe environment.
In time, it is intended to desensitize against the fear of this object.
Exposure is carried out in a certain hierarchy.

Consider a child with fear of spiders. First we talk about this child and the animals. Then we talk about animal species. Then we talk about spiders. So we try to reduce the child’s anxiety about spiders. Then spider photos are shown. In the later stages we can put the spider in a box.

Exposure and Response Prevention

It is applied in cbt techniques. They are faced with what causes anxiety to reduce anxiety.

Anxious person is alone with what causes anxiety. This reduces anxiety. This cbt technique is used more with developing technology.

Experts use these cbt techniques for children in computer games. For example, a cute mouse game on the computer for a child who is afraid of the mouse is a good technique. So the child destroys mouse phobia.

Example: There’s a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder. Virtual reality simulations can be prepared for this soldier.

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