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16 Oct, 2021

Emile Coue Method and 4 Unusual Suggestions

This article is about Emile Coue’s ”Conscious Autosuggestion” method. If you want to read his...

16 Oct, 2021

What Is Hikikomori?

Hikikomori means being isolated or confined in Japanese. It’s used for adolescents or adults who withdrew...

25 Sep, 2021

CBT’s History: Beginning From 18th Century

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a general class of psychotherapy and many approaches are in...

25 Sep, 2021

Which Factors CBT Homework Compliance Is Effected By?

A meta-analysis of over 50 studies of a variety of psychotherapies found that CBT homework...

25 Sep, 2021

Do CBT Techniques Not Work on Social Anxiety Disorders Anymore?

In this article, there are opinions that cognitive behavioral therapy/ CBT Techniques are not effective...

25 Sep, 2021

How CBT Can Treat Children with Anxiety Disorder?

What is CBT? CBT is a psycho-social technique that helps to improve mental health is...

25 Sep, 2021

What’s The Relation Between Exposure Therapy and CBT

Exposure Therapy is a psychological treatment that exposes an individual to their fears in controlled,...

25 Sep, 2021

CBT and Stages of Homework

CBT Homework is applied in stages. Encouraging and facilitating homework is a key feature of...