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5 Nov, 2021

Depression and Metacognitive Therapy

What is Metacognitive Therapy Metacognitive therapy (MCT) is a psychotherapy that focuses on altering metacognitive...

1 Nov, 2021

Automatic Thought Record

We have previously explained with examples what are automatic thoughts. In this context, we will...

1 Nov, 2021

Automatic Thoughts and Examples

Automatic thoughts are mental functions that occur without conscious judgment, which deeply affect our actions...

1 Nov, 2021

Sand Tray Therapy and Mandala Application

Sand tray therapy allows us to create our own little world using small materials (usually...

1 Nov, 2021

Coronavirus and Benefits of Online Psychotherapy

Coronavirus outbreak also affected patient-physician communication. Those who have psychological problems may not meet face...

1 Nov, 2021

Exposure Therapy With Examples

What is Exposure Therapy Exposure therapy is a method to treat anxiety disorders. Exposure treatment...

1 Nov, 2021

Eating Disorder Test – Online and Free

There are different types of eating disorders. This test is about a general eating disorder....

22 Oct, 2021

Relaxation Technique: Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Stress

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a technique that can be used to relieve stress. It involves...