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22 Oct, 2021

Mindfulness Therapy

What is Mindfulness Therapy Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is a psychotherapy technique that uses cognitive-behavioral...

22 Oct, 2021

Dreams and Sleep

Throughout history, dreams and sleep have been a subject of interest. In ancient Greek mythology,...

22 Oct, 2021

Couple/Marriage Therapy

Couple therapy attempts to enhance romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts (also couples’ counseling, marriage...

22 Oct, 2021

What is Love Therapy?

We all know the feeling of heartache. Whether it was because your significant other broke...

22 Oct, 2021

What is Vulnerability Schema?

In Vulnerability Schema, you’re scared someone is trying to hurt you or something. You are...

22 Oct, 2021

What is Dependence/ Incompetence Schema?

Dependence/Incompetence Schema is an overarching framework that explains how people react to the world around...

22 Oct, 2021

What is Defectiveness/Shame Schema?

What is Defectiveness Schema? In adolescence where people have been violated, overlooked, dismissed, or excluded...

22 Oct, 2021

What is Emotional Deprivation Schema?

Emotional Deprivation Schema is a disorder that can be treated with the right therapy. There...