Corona Virus Fear of Death and Disease

In 2020 Coronavirus became widespread and threating the World. So that people started feeling anxious about the disease. It became unbearable for people who already have death&disease phobia. This article argues about how the virus effected human psychology. And caused fears and phobia.

Worldwide Death and Disease Rates

As of March 11, the number of deaths of the new type of corona (2019-nCoV) virus in the world is 4378 in total, according to the data.The most deaths are In China (3158), Italy (631), Iran (354) and in South Korea 61 people .

Corona Virus Fear of Death
Corona Virus Fear of Death Source

According to the latest information, the number of people identified as carrying Covid-19 has increased to 121,242 worldwide. While 80 thousand 788 of these are located in China, 10 thousand 149 people are in Italy, 9,000 people are in Iran and 7 thousand 755 people are in South Korea.

Death Anxiety – Infectious Diseases and Corona Virus

Human has two most important fears and they are innate. These fears are fear of death and fear of loneliness.

However, these fears, which have a certain intensity in every person, can be a serious anxiety problem in some people. Fear of infectious diseases and fear of being sick is similar.

Hypochondria (illness) or Disease Anxiety Disorder (DSM-5) is one of the most common reasons for consultation among psychotherapy patients. This condition is related to patients who are constantly worried about getting sick.

One of the biggest features of hypochondria is that the anxiety of the disease gradually gets worse in the body. On the contrary, the concern of fast-acting diseases such as heart attack or suffocation is one of the causes of panic disorder.

Although the rate of those who die from the new type of corona virus is 1%-2%  The anxiety it caused worldwide is massive . And it’s important to talk about this epidemic that spread around the world.

This can be more worrying for individuals with high anxiety and people with anxiety disorder. It is important to inform oneself about psychological diseases and phobias in all this.

Hypochondria: Excessive ear of catching disease.

Agora Phobia: Fear of certain places, especially public places.

Cleaning obsession: Obsesive cleaning due to increased anxiety associated with infectious diseases.

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