Delusional Disorder

A disorder that affects the life of the patient and his relatives in a very negative way. It usually starts after 35-40s. There are various subtypes (evil, religious, jealousy, erotomanic, somatic) according to the theme of delusion. Some of these may have serious consequences (murder, injury, physical violence, suicide). A person may harm others or himself or herself because of a false belief that his wife is cheating on him.

Patients do not usually go to psychiatrists on their own accord because they do not think they are ill. Although they have gone, the main reasons for referral are often not delusions, but other mental complaints caused by them. They usually visit the clinic with the insistence of their relatives.

Since there is usually no other symptom other than thought disorder, the occupational and social functioning of the patient may not be affected. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment may be delayed.

Antipsychotic drugs are the only treatment of this disease that responds to treatment difficult. It is really difficult part is to make these patient take their medicine because they don’t think they are sick. Therefore, it is especially important for the patient to find a physician with whom theycan establish a trust relationship.

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