5 Movie Recommendation to Deal with Depression

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Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity. It can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, motivation, feelings, and sense of well-being. There may be sadness, difficulty thinking and concentrating, and a significant increase or decrease in appetite and time spent sleeping. So in this article, we have listed five movies and their summaries to help you deal with depression.

5 Movie Recommendation

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Movie Cover Image – @minfforddlodgeandeventsmach

Phil Connors is a smug weather announcer with a certain reputation. In a rural town where he is sent for an event, he is left in trouble to relive the day he hates over and over again. The Film shows us so clearly the incredible change in the same person’s character in the same events that we see that perhaps it is possible to change yourself instead of changing the people around you. It tells you with a highly successful scenario in which you can achieve happiness by loving yourself with the motto of returning to yourself. We also see great tenacity and determination in the film. Despite all the extraordinary negativity, Phil Connors struggles to return to a normal life without being intimidated and determined. The more he tries, the better he knows himself. As he gets to know himself better, he begins to love the city and people he previously hated and eventually becomes a happier, more loving man.

Groundhog Day is a film that should definitely be in the first place among motivational films. If you have problems making peace with yourself, if you have a perfectionist and low-confidence personality, this movie will warm you up.

Big Fish

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Big Fish Movie Cover Image – @art_mudur

The film is about the dying Edward Bloom telling his life to his son Will as if it were completely fictional. In fact, he describes his life, which in some parts are sad memories, everything is full of fun and extravagant dreams. Thinking it’s a lie, Will comes across some facts. At the end of the film, we see that it can sometimes be nice to color that life instead of an empty and unpleasant life.

Big Fish is an extremely funny movie that reminds us how precious our ordinary lives are in fact.  We think it may be an ideal film proposal, especially for people with chronic depression problems who think about the meaninglessness and boredom of life.

Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting Movie Cover Image – @beyond_magazine

The film tells The Story of Will, who is discovered solving a math question written in the hallway of the school where he was a janitor. Living a punk and Reckless Life, Will decides his life choices thanks to their friendship formed after long sessions with the therapist, whom he goes through the professor who discovered him. The film also allows us to see two exemplary personalities formed as a result of our decisions. Especially the conversation scene at the beginning of their friendship has a significant impact on many people’s memory.

Good Will Hunting is a critique of individualism and the selfish nature of society. Will, who has a problem with harmony with people, realizes that the concept of a selfish person he criticizes is actually in him and his therapist and later friend Sean McGuire. Although the process of self-understanding is complicated and full of losses, we see a Will that is more at peace with itself with this journey.

White Squall

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White Squall Movie Cover Image – @ericmichaelcole

Taken from a real event in 1960, the film tells the story of a sailboat’s tragic sinking called albatross with a group of students from different countries inside it. Students who make many friends on this ship against ordinary school life, learn to respect people and truly succeed in teamwork, this time teach us and inspire us.

White Squall actually brings significant criticism to American society’s understanding of individualism. Just like in Scent of a Woman. From individualism to the importance of being a team, even the meaning of the concept of friendship, the film also presents the virtues of being human with a striking script.

If you feel lonely and meaningless in society, this movie may be for you. Currently, the concepts of friendship and friendship are increasingly losing their importance, but there is still hope, and one day we may come across it.

Fight Club

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Tyler Durden from Fight Club Movie – @thehistoricfeed

In this film, which can pose many questions in your head during the first viewing, we are shown the person who Jack, who is schizophrenic, actually wants to be with the character Tyler, whom he fictitiously created. Through Jack, the film describes that we, as a consumer society, are continually trying to fill the void within us by actually spending our lives with unnecessary things. In fact, he tells us that freedom cannot be achieved only by making money and that freedom cannot be achieved without losing everything.

What Is Freedom? Do we feel free? How does this social order tell us to be? And what are we really? Looking for answers to basic questions such as Fight Club striking an issue of asset anxiety slams the viewer in the face like a slap in the face.

We actually are we free? Depression is a diagnosis of 264 million people worldwide, according to data shared by the World Health Organization. (Only the case identified ) one of the biggest causes of depression is that we have automatic thoughts that are not cognitively accurate. These thoughts have been with us since childhood. These automatic thoughts are actually the biggest problems that prevent us from being free.

At Fight Club, Tyler tells us that we can only get rid of these shared thoughts in our heads when we reach “nothingness,” and he shows us that we have too much to sacrifice for it.

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