Dermatophagia: Eat Finger Skin

Some childhood returns; There is a habit of starting to chew the pen and eat the fingernail. This habit then continues to gnaw your fingers, especially the skin around your nails. In this article you can find out what you need to know about dermatophagia which is seen as a serious psychological problem.

Do you gnaw your fingers, especially the skin around your nails?
While eating your skin, your flesh is bleeding from the bottom but you can’t stop yourself?
He knows this is a bad obsession, but you still can’t stop yourself?

If yes, look at the photos below.

If your fingers are like this, you probably have a psychological problem called dermatophagia.

It is a disease that occurs in adults by biting, tearing off the skin around the fingers and nails, and even in the form of eating.

Many people with dermatophagia do not knowingly eat the skin around the nail. These people don’t realize you’re starting to eat your finger skin. When they realize, they do not try to prevent this behavior.

Although it is a very common disease in the society, it is a very rare subject in the medical literature.
People who do this often don’t talk about this problem, they rarely go to the doctor.

At the same time, as it almost never causes a health problem, it almost never needs to be treated. However, wounds around the hand with open wounds can cause a person to be hospitalized.

Michael Scott Jr., father-son psychosomatic dermatologist. and Michael Scott III, in 1997, wrote in the scientific journal Cutis:

Dermatophagia is not as rare as some reports claim. However, it is hardly mentioned in textbooks. Specifically, this disorder is defined as a neurotic and obsessive habit of causing a person to break their limbs with their own teeth.


Why Do People Eat Finger Skin?

It is not yet known exactly why and why it can be treated. Although related to stress and anxiety, research shows that such behavior is not always a response to stress or anxiety. Because in some investigations, it was revealed that there is no need for stress or anxiety in order to see this biting behavior. On the other hand, stress and anxiety increase the likelihood and frequency of this behavior. Therefore, although there is an occasional relationship, a direct cause-effect relationship has not yet been established.

Dermatophagia means ‘skin eater’ in Latin.

Similarly, this condition has been associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). However, such claims are not strong and sufficient. For the first time in 2013, this disorder coexisted with other “pathological care issues” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness (DSM).

However, not everyone agrees that this is related to the OCD. A psychiatrist at the University of California at San Francisco. Carol Mathews says:

The obsessions seen in the OCD are really unwanted obsessions. However, the individual feels good when eating nails pathologically. It feels really good. She feels good when she gets rid of her nail or crooked skin. This is a strange sense of reward; but ultimately a reward. Behaviors such as hair pulling, skin eating, nail biting should not be seen as a disorder unless they affect daily life and require certain clinical urgency.



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