Emdr Therapy: a successful example of Nyctophobia

Psychologist Enise Öziç

Psychologist Enise Öziç from the Medical Park Psychology Polyclinic:

Ms. Z. She had a death phobia. She was also afraid of the darkness.
However, she resorted to us with complaints such as irritability, fear of being alone, and introversion.
Besides her psychological complaints, her hair was completely shed.

Ms. Z. Medical Park Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic Dr. He applied to Zekeriya Bahçe and was directed to our Psychology Outpatient Clinic one month after starting the drug treatment.

In some patients, as in Ms. Z., psychotherapy with concomitant treatment is prescribed, while in some patients only psychotherapy or only medication can be administered.

Psychologist Enise Öziç

One of the types of psychotherapy, Emdr therapy was used. Zeynep S. ‘s stability, self – sacrifice, and confidence in his therapist – along with the gradual improvements in the therapy process – were observed from the first session.

As a result of the depersonalization of traumatic memories that were processed after each session, it was observed that they started to remember the memories that they could not remember. Our patient remembered the negative memories, but now does not bother him.
 Enise Öziç:

Drug therapy (Antidepressant) Our psychiatry physician has phased out. After a few months and a year later, his fears and problems did not recur.
As evidenced by Zeynep S.’s psychotherapy, Emdr therapy can make a person’s life more functional and can strengthen the person personally.

When the sessions are over, Zeynep says that she no longer has the fears of death and darkness. She says that she can lie on his back and that she no longer looks for the light when she lies down.

Zeynep S.:

I thought everyone would die at midnight, I was very afraid, I can say that this therapy carried me from hot sand to cool waters. It’s nice to deal with normal life. Nice to sleep at night and wake up during the day.

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