Emile Coue Biography

Emile Coue is a French psychologist and a Pharmacist who has deeply influenced future generations especially in the field of psychology and has made important contributions to the development of positive thinking system. Emile Coue in his youth, especially when creating the rational emotional behavior therapy (REBT) by Albert Ellis.

26 February 1857 Born in France. He died in 1926.

He was born in the Brittany region of France as the son of a French railroad worker. Emile, a successful student, wanted to study Chemistry but studied pharmacy because of financial difficulties. He graduated in 1876 with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology.

He discovered the importance of the placebo effect during his time as a pharmacist. (He was not known at that time) He praised the efficiency of each drug and secured a small positive note for each given medication leaving his customers safe.

In 1913, Coué and his wife founded the Applied Psychology Association Lorraine. His book Self-Mastery Through The Conscious Autosuggestion was published in England (1920) and in the United States (1922).

In the following years, its reputation began to spread all over the world, especially in America. He tried to treat more than 40,000 people in his clinic.

Emile Coue developed the Coue method, which we discussed in detail. Nowadays, it is often known as the “self-suggestion” method.

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