Exam Anxiety and EMDR

What is Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is a neurological disorder in which in evaluating circumstances, persons feel intense pain and anxiety. While many individuals feel some degree of stress and anxiety before and after exams, test anxiety can potentially hinder learning and harm exam results. This article contains what is Exam anxiety and exam anxiety connection between EMDR.

In the last forty years, individuals have tried to reduce the anxiety of psychiatrists or psychologists through various psychotherapy methods. Previous techniques include systematic desensitization, self-control procedures, relaxation techniques, cognitive and contextual therapy. (Sarason, 1985). The biggest mistake of those concerned about the exam is postponing the treatment process, waiting for it to pass spontaneously, or asking for help shortly before the exam. If you have a high level of test anxiety, consult a psychiatrist or psychologist without waiting.

EMDR A method called Desensitization and Reprocessing by Turkish Eye Movement in Francine Shapiro in 1987. According to this method, negative emotions, thoughts, behaviors and disturbances lie behind unprocessed memories. When traumatic or very disturbing events occur, the person may not process the information in a healthy way. Emotions, thoughts, sounds, images, and body reactions are stored as the event takes place. Therefore, if some events after the event trigger this unprocessed memory, the person may react as if they are experiencing all or part of the memory.

exam anxiety and emdr
Exam Anxiety and EMDR source: @ jessicalutzphoto

EMDR ensures the elimination of the negative memories of the person and the negative beliefs about the exam. Providing the negative memories that reoccur in the brain.

Depending on the level of anxiety, the psychiatrist may recommend EMDR therapy as well as medication.

EMDR uses dual attention stimuli to reduce the emotional burden of anxiety. Therapy helps a person participate in an exam with reduced anxiety. And allow them access to the necessary information next time. EMDR works to reduce anxiety based on previous negative experiences, memories or events. In order to be successful in the exam, it aims to reduce the level of anxiety. Releasing the person from the negative thoughts,feelings they have experienced before.

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