Exposure therapy and examples

Confronting fear makes people stronger.

Exposure therapy method cbt (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is frequently used. Although it is a technique used especially for fears (phobia), it is also quite effective for post-traumatic stress disorder. In this regard, we will present examples of different anxiety disorders. These practices are generally described and work on more detail is possible during therapy. It is possible to apply some of these studies to yourself.

In exposure and response prevention therapy, the client is confronted with the object of fear and his / her avoidance behavior is normally prevented.


Fear against a specific animal

With this therapy technique, it is aimed to get closer to the animal of the client. This animal can be in the same room in a closed box.
At first, the animal is spoken only, then the photo is shown, then the picture may be asked to draw. In the following stages, the animal can be in the same place with the animal and contact with the animal can be made. This is the most commonly used method in such phobias.

Fear of aircraft

a special study may be necessary to overcome the fear of aircraft. A group of people can spend time on the plane that is not moving together with a group of people. You can spend time at the airport. In the following stages, short flights can be performed.

Social Phobia

One of the biggest fears of an individual with social phobia is to be in front of the community and speak in front of the community. The counselor may first rehearse his speech to a community next to the therapist. It can then only do this with groups of a few people and with an increasing number of crowd groups.

Agora Phobia (Fear of a particular area)

The individual is accustomed to leaving the house in a controlled manner. First along with short distances and relatives. It can progress independently independently.


There may be many obsessive behaviors.

Continuous door control behavior:

The individual believes that if he doesn’t close the door five times each time he leaves the house, something bad will happen. The client is prevented from opening and closing the door many times as he leaves the house. (This is applied in blocking behavior therapy) The blocking status is queried each time.

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Virtual reality applications can help individuals who experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For example; The soldiers who are exposed to PTSD can become insensitive to the scenes of a nightmare. They watch videos with disturbing images accompanied by therapists.

Visual Source : https://www.anxiety.org/exposure-plans

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