Fregoli Syndrome: One of the most difficult psychological illnesses.

This psychological illness, which made life incredibly difficult, took its name from the famous Italian actor Leopoldo Fregoli. Leopoldo Fregoli is known for his continuous disguise, which enters the guinness book of records.

This disease was first described in 1927 in an article called syndrome d’illusion de fregoli et schizophrenie. In the article, a 27 – year – old woman told that she had been followed by two men she saw in theater. According to her, these two actors follow her constantly and take on the appearance of people she knows or knows before. Usually this person follows the patient’s mind and wants to harm him.

People with this disease believe that people around them can change their appearance. People with Fregoli syndrome also believe that people they know can enter the disguise of people who live and walk on the streets.

These patients are often obsessed with a person in their lives and see that person everywhere. Even if there is not the slightest similarity, they can see anyone as a person anywhere.

Fregoli syndrome Treatment

Fregoli syndrome; is a disease that responds to treatment with therapy sessions and medications. However, the patient’s suspicion of doctors makes treatment difficult.

How often is it seen?

It is a very rare neurological disease. People who have been delusional think that everyone else, except himself, has been taken over by evil people. People with this disease may think that they have been repeatedly raped by their environment. They believe that they are persecuted by their loved ones. The person who did this could also be the closest patient, any person on television.

What Causes Fregoli Syndrome?

When we see the faces of people we know in normal life, we have an idea, an image. While people with Fregoli syndrome remember their faces, they make a strong connection with the region known as limbic system in the brain.

The task of the limbic system is to control emotions in the brain. However, when people with this disease are talking to their first-degree relatives, some changes occur in their bodies. There is an extremely strong bond between the areas that remind people of their faces. therefore, they think everyone they see is the same person and they are living the illusion.

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