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29 Nov, 2020

Treatment in Individual Psychotherapy

Treatment methods and application areas in individual psychotherapy are explained in this context. When clients...

30 Mar, 2020

Self Recognition Guide

What is Self Recognition/Awareness Self-awareness is the perception of one’s own identity or individuality in...

11 Mar, 2020

Corona Virus Fear of Death and Disease

What is Corona Virus A community of similar RNA viruses that cause diseases in mammals...

26 Dec, 2019

Spinal Galant Reflex and ADHD

What is Spinal Galant Reflex Spinal Galant Reflex is a newborn reflex, named after neurologist...

19 Dec, 2019

What is Cognitive Distortion?

Cognitive distortion is one of the most important concepts in cognitive behavioral therapy. In this...

17 Dec, 2019

Death Anxiety: Existential Issues

The anxiety of the fear of death and the fear of non-existence constitute the fundamental...

26 Nov, 2019

What is Monophobia? What are the Symptoms? How is it Treated?

What is Monophobia? Monophobia is a phobia where a person develops a fear of being...

24 Nov, 2019

Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD)

What is Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) is part of a category of disorders called Anxious Personality Disorder which is characterized by impotence, submissiveness, desire to be taken care of and continual reassurance, and failure to make choices. In this article, we will talk about DPD,...