Generalized Anxiety Disorder

In this type of anxiety disorder, the individual is concerned with many life events and daily issues rather than a specific topic.

The main difference from other anxiety disorders is that anxiety do not develop specific to a particular event or situation. In addition, the anxiety does not start suddenly as in a panic attack and lasts for a significant part of the day. Also this anxiety is accompanied by physical symptoms such as muscle tension, fatigue and sleep disturbance.

In order to diagnose this disorder, the above symptoms should last for at least 6 months. Disseminated anxiety disorder is a chronic disease with increasing and decreasing symptoms.

Lifetime prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder is 3-6%. So it is 2 times more common in women. The age of onset is the beginning of the 20s. It is the most common anxiety disorder in the elderly.

Antidepressant drugs and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy are the primary approaches for treatment.

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