Mobile App: Gratefull App

Every day, thousands of negative thoughts pass through our minds. The interesting thing is that we realize very little of these negative thoughts. These negative thoughts complicate our thought process. it reduces our motivation and self-esteem. To learn more about negative thoughts, please check out our article below.

Work on your Negative thoughts daily with Phone Apps.

We have already talked about WoeBot – Free CBT Robot. This mobile app helps you practice cognitive behavior therapy on your own every day. In this application there are techniques you can work to get rid of your negative thoughts.

Mobile Application: WoeBot – Free CBT Robot

Gratefull App
Gratefull App

What is Grateful Application? How to use?

Grateful is actually a simple and helpful gratitude app. Helps you get rid of your negative thoughts. It reminds you that you have to stop blaming yourself and your environment. It makes you realize that the moment you live in is not very bad, that there are many beautiful things in your life. Because it’s important to be thankful.

How Does This App Works

Grateful application displays a reminder screen on your phone every day at any time. You edit this screen yourself. You write the desired text, add photos and change the color. Then you set up the type of article you want to write on your phone every day.

The application allows you to write these articles on the screen at any time. So you remember that you should be grateful.

Yes, it is really simple to achieve happiness. Therefore, we should know that we should be thankful when it’s necessary.

If you need different techniques to eliminate your negative thoughts, you can look at the link below.

7 CBT Techniques to Eliminate Negative automatic thoughts

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