Health Anxiety (Hypochondriac)

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Individuals with this disease believe that they have a physical illness although there is not. They can intrepret symptoms (such as a simple arm numbness, abdominal pain, dizziness) as a sign of a serious illness. (heart disease, bowel tumor, brain tumor). Naturally, an individual who interprets a physical sensation in this way will immediately consult the relevant branch doctor. (cardiologist, internal medicine specialist, neurologist). However, one of the main difficulties of individuals with this disease is that doctors can not persuade them, although they have done every research, examination.

These patients usually transferred to psychiatrists. But instead patients decide to go to another hospital. Tries to find a doctor who can diagnose this non existent disease. Therefore, it is very important that these patients adhere to this recommendation when they are first referred to psychiatry. The solution of their problems is not even medication, it is psychotherapy.

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