Egocentrism in children – Parents How to behave?

“Self-focus” considered as a behavioral disorder in adults Egocentrism is observed between 2-6 years of age in children and is considered normal.
You can find detailed information about eutosantrism in this article.

Spotlight Effect and Unnecessary Anxiety

The spotlight effect, as defined by the researchers, is our erroneous assumption that other people pay us as much attention as we do ourselves. “People tend to believe that the social spotlights shine more on themselves than they actually are.”

7 Myths and Misconceptions About Therapist

This list lists the wrong information that is known about therapy. This list has been prepared by Mustafa GÖDEŞ, Clinical Psychologist.

EMDR Therapy-Case Study

The EMDR Therapy sample can be very important to understand Emdr. This is not an example of exercise. It is a case study and not fictional.

7 Cartoon Characters With Bipolar Disorder

All of the Cartoon / Comic Book characters listed in this list are related to Bipolar Disorder. This diagnosis is usually added to the character by comic book authors.

Social Phobia and CBT (Negative review)

There are two case examples. Customers in these examples received Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but had no positive impact.



All scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists who are present in the field of psychology are involved. Books, theories, biography, life stories, works, works, videos and photos. Educational resources and free documents.

Self Recognition Guide

This guideline consists of questions prepared for you to know yourself. Basic questions in this guide Dr. Created by Erol Özmen.When applying this manual, it is important to observe yourself in an “honest” manner.

Top 10 CBT Online Courses

You can find many online CBT courses online. These courses are designed for people who are interested in cognitive behavior therapy and who want to learn more about them..

Top 8 Natural Tea: For Anxiety and Stress Problem

Having anxiety and stress? When you experience anxiety and stress, drinking some herbal teas will relieve you.

Life of Albert Ellis: Biography

Albert Ellis: is one of the heroes of psychology, whose life story, thoughts and success story should be examined closely.


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