How to Be Happy, A Guide for Happy Life

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Sometimes development is about questions we ask ourselves instead of looking for answers. Because the answers we find can lock us down or pinch us in a particular place of our lives. However, the questions we ask ourselves are like the rudder of a boat and can guide us and make us move on the right path.

Here I would like to talk to you about the 18 basic questions you have to ask yourself, which will encourage your development now and here and guide your life.

1- How do you wake up?

Many people wake up with negativity and this goes on all day long. They have a bad day and this is usually reflected in the next day. It becomes increasingly stereotyped and chases days badly. If you enter this dead end, you will miss all the beauties of life.

You can break this negative pattern.

What awakens you in the morning? Is it your biological clock that creates liability and concern, or is it an exciting work you will do during the day? If your answer is the first, what kind of questions do you need to ask yourself to change your situation before starting the day?

What is the only thing you can do today to make yourself feel better? What are you waiting for today? Could it be today that changed everything? How should you think and act to love yourself more and change the course? How can you attract higher positive frequencies like love and gratitude instead of worry, jealousy and pessimism? What are the five things you were grateful for before you started the day?

Can you start today?

2- Nutrition

What we eat is what we actually are. I feel better every day. I would see food as something to be consumed, just for pleasure, to bring myself to satisfaction. I’m 35 now, and I see that’s wrong. Food is needed to be energetic, or as the body’s resistance decreases, so does our ability to tolerate people. So there are some questions you should ask yourself before eating something;

What do you do to your body and why do you do it? Do you always feel hungry? Feeding your emotions or troubles? Are the things you eat organic? Do you know where your food comes from? Do you eat while spending time on social media? What is the difference between feeding and nourishing your body?

Can you start today?

3- House

My house used to be a hotel. I’d spend most of my day outside and just go home to sleep. Maybe it was my work tempo. One day a friend of mine offered to be her roommate. That’s when it really became my excuse to go home. It was that I couldn’t find a cure there for my loneliness that pushed me away from home.

The truth was that when my home was my compulsory stop at the end of the day; now it’s the only place where I can charge myself, improve my quality of life, and refuel, so to speak. Ask yourself the following questions about your home;

Is your home a chaos or a corner of paradise where you find peace, rest and are reborn every day? How can you make your home a better place? What can you do to make your home more home?

Can you start today?

4- Fitness

Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s not just a timed exercise. You must be part of your life or enjoy yourself. Fitness is also not mandatory in a gym. Any activity with movement and sweating increases dopamine secretion and raises your oxygen. But most importantly, this is a way to build a better relationship with your body; This will give you more confidence and self-esteem. And this has a positive impact on everything from meetings in your workplace to your relationships.

When was the last time you exercised? If you go to the gym, will you just watch the movements, try to focus on how the body moves and attaches to it? When was the last time you did sports outside the gym? Are you forcing yourself to do various exercises? Why not? Time is never an excuse.

Can you start today?

5- Passion / Purpose

You don’t need to know your purpose. However, as much as you can, you need to design a life that combines with your passions. We all know that we cannot give up our işler daily work ip and seek happiness, but we strive to keep track of what your passions are when the goal begins to emerge.

What are you passionate about? Do you do anything to nurture your passion? Or why? Do you invest in your dreams or do you excuse the obstacles in front of you? What steps can you take today to add more passion to your life?

Can you start today?

6- Shame

We all have hard shells in our lives that are embarrassing, create false beliefs and prevent us from growing. Shame, which has a negative impact on our choice of relationships, leads to the development of countless unhealthy coping mechanisms to throw away our emotions. These mechanisms include anger, withdrawal, accusation, scorn, control, perfectionism. They all function to alleviate the feeling of unpleasantness. If you want to be happy, you have to start breaking up this shell and isolating it from your life. What are the simple, self-accepting and merciful questions here?

Can you break your past? Who should you forgive? Yourself? If so, can you forgive yourself? Do you often challenge yourself mentally and emotionally? Or don’t you believe in mistakes? Do you see everything you do takes you to the next step of your life? Are there people in your life that still strengthen your shame? Need to draw better boundaries? Do you see the world (people, events and situations) when you think about the judgments you have in mind?

When will you stop judging yourself? How does it feel to love / like yourself? But more importantly, when are you going to start?

Can you start today?

7- Anger

Anger is probably the fastest way to dive to a lower frequency. If you’re always angry and angry, you can’t be happy. This road dominated my entire twenties. This was a very dark tunnel. Life is too short to be angry and hang out with what people do to hurt us. You lose power and you have no energy left.

What are you angry about? What do you have to do to be less angry? How do you react? How much of your anger has something to do with your unhappiness?

Can you start today?


8- Trauma

No one can reach the level they can’t reach. We all have some kind of trauma in our lives. But we don’t have to live with him.

What caused you pain, beat you up, and caused your drowsiness? Do you need to talk to someone? If so, why didn’t you? What should you do to prevent this trauma from interfering with your daily life?

Can you start today?

9- Your Values

You don’t feel valuable unless you have value. Living a life of no value is like trying to fill a balloon with huge holes. I did what I needed to get what I wanted. I only care if others like me. That made me shallow and unhappy. I have values ​​today. I hold myself accountable. I’m trying to be a good person. This is important for me. And so I finally appreciate myself.

What are your values? How do you define your character? What do you have? What does your heart, your beliefs, your mission, your message and your character mean?

How can you rank your values ​​and lifestyle?

What do you need to change about yourself?

Can you start today?

10- Your environment

They say we’re the average sum of people surrounding you. I find that 110 percent correct. Either we sharpen each other or we shy away from each other. You met people who wasted your energy and took courage.

Do you surround yourself with your useless and competitive friends? Or do you teach them something?

What do you have to do to surround yourself with people who will make yourself a better version? Who do you need to change your life? Which communities do you need to engage in to make new friends? What would an action plan look like to achieve this?

Can you start today?

11- Close relationship

I don’t need to say how effective our close relationships are today. You know that.

It is probably the biggest factor that can hurt us today or make us feel invincible. I’m not saying it should be. It just does. Love either makes us ineffective or makes us a little happier.

So the question is:

Are your sincere relationships always a problem because it causes more pain than your happiness? If so, what steps can you take to improve your relationship to avoid worry? What can you do? How do you need to communicate? You need to see the couple therapist?

Or should you develop healthy boundaries that will get you to the best?

If you are not in an intimate relationship, can you leave unhealthy? Or are you taking a break and working on yourself? If so, what does this look like?

Can you start today?

12- Money

Money is probably the second most worrying tool. Or lack of money. Have you ever thought that panic and frustration are our relationship with money?

What is your relationship with money? Is money a source of anxiety and pain?

Or is it something you earn by doing what you believe in that makes you feel alive and valuable?

Do you define your value with money; Or is it the tool of happiness for you?

What do you have to do to have a healthier relationship with money? Need to redefine what money means to you? Do you allow money to have power over you?

Can you start today?

13- Sex

We are sexual beings. But most of us have denied this part. We feel guilty and embarrassed by past experiences, upbringing, religious beliefs, our connection with our bodies, and all the requirements we carry.

Sex isn’t just physical sex. Expressing your gender is connection and love. Not only with others, but with yourself.

When you think about your sexual experiences, do you feel ashamed?

How can you approach your sexual experiences so that you can have a healthier, more meaningful and more satisfying new experience? Do you need to talk to your partner about what you want?

Can you start today?

14- Joy

Joy is produced. It requires a talent. This is not just one-sided production. It is our happiness to produce joy in our daily life. If you don’t have that ability, you may be happy, but you will never live.

Do you have the ability to produce joy every day, or do you think of outsiders or other things? How can you create joy in your life right now?

Can you start today?

15- Emotion management

We live in our heads. We always think. Most of our thoughts are about things we can’t control. These thoughts are full of emotions. These feelings are often negative. This creates a model that needs to be broken if you want to have more negative thoughts and live a happy life. If not, you will always drown in your heavy feelings.

Do your emotions completely control you and scratch you because of your life? Or is your emotions something you’ve always been aware of, and are you very successful at managing them, expressing yourself?

What can you do to start controlling your emotions? Who can you talk to about your feelings?

What exercises can you do to gain more control over your thoughts?

Can you start today?

16- Comfort zones

We all live in our small comfort zones. In fact, they are prisons that really prevent us from living. Prisons that raise things that are hindering our development.

Your comfort zone is too small and you hardly move? How do you enlarge your comfort zones? In which areas of your life do you need to increase your comfort? Can you leave these fields behind?

Can you start today?

17- Love

Love is not just about romantic relationships. Love is not just about taking one’s heart. I think we’re used to describing love as a shopping. This makes our happiness dependent on someone else. Then love is contingent. We’il get it.

Life is love and love is life. What happens if you see love as energy? You always exist.

What does it look like to fall in love? How can you project your love into a unique world? What condition do you have to be to fall in love?

Being in love means literally imagining in our hearts, producing love and letting it expand from around me to around me. Ego, distrust and fear will try to stop this process. But if you decide your love, the power of the heart and its magnetic field override it, the thoughts and actions of love follow this flow of energy.

How should you extend your heart?

Can you start today?

18- New lenses

The way we see the world determines everything, including our happiness.

What happens if you see life as a dance instead of a target? Really, you should see everyday life as a picture with all your senses, like sniffing, touching, seeing, making sounds. Your imagination, your movement, your love, your pain, your compassion, your ties with others and your self are something that is felt deeply without making a decision. It’s hard to do; because we all want something. We all have certain visions of what our lives look like.

Leave aside everything you know, let’s be honest, we don’t know everything. We will not know and see everything in the world. So focus on yourself, what you want to do, what you have to do, who you want to meet, what you will do tomorrow, what your life should be like. Wonder all this. And when you don’t pay attention to the subtitles in this curiosity, you will start to see things you have never seen before.

How do you see the world? How to install new lenses so you can see things differently? What does it look like in thought and action? How can you change your perspective or an event (past or present), a situation, how you see others or your current life?

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