Language and Speech Therapy

What is Language and Speech Therapy?

Speech and language therapy; These are interventions for the management and treatment of voice, language, speech and swallowing disorders in children and adults. The intervention program is carried out by field experts. Language therapy programs can be created for language problems and language skills activities in cases such as delayed language and speech, aphasia, brain damage.

Articulation/pronunciation phonological disorder therapy programs can be created that include intervention in speech sounds for the inability to make some sounds, correct production and acquisition of speech sounds. Intervention programs for rapid distorted speech and stuttering can be applied regarding the fluency of speech.

In the intervention of formations that cause hoarseness such as polyps and nodules, therapy programs can be created for various vocal problems. This includes the implementation of therapy programs for differential nutritional problems and situations and swallowing difficulties.

Situations that require speech and language therapy briefly; articulation disorder, i.e. inability to say or misrepresent certain sounds, voice problems such as hoarseness and cracking when speaking, delayed speech (for example, a child who is three years old does not speak or speaks in very short sentences), stuttering and rapid distorted speech, aphasia, dysarthria Language and speech disorders caused by traumatic brain damage such as cerebral hemorrhage and accidents.

Also swallowing-swallowing problems, Down syndrome, language and speech disorders caused by autism, language and speech problems due to anomalies such as cleft lip and palate, language and speech due to hearing impairment can be summarized as disorders. Therapy includes the detailed diagnosis of these situations, the establishment of the intervention process and the effective execution.

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