Mental Health

In this category, scientific research, useful information and tools about improving our mental health will be shared.

16 Oct, 2021

Self Empowerment Via Cognitive Approach

Self Empowerment is one of the basic techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy. The self-schema about...

24 Aug, 2021

Lima Syndrome: What It Is ? and How To Deal ?

Lima syndrome is a term for psychological distress experienced by Westerners in East Asian cultures....

6 Jul, 2021

Stockholm Syndrome: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

What is Stockholm Syndrome? The term was coined by Swedish psychiatrist, Dr. Nils Bejerot in...

28 Nov, 2020

Mental Rehabilitation – ReHaCom

What is Mental Rehabilitation Mental rehabilitation, also known as psych social rehabilitation, and sometimes simplified by...

11 Oct, 2020

ABA Strategies to Help You Finish Your Project

ABA Strategies are techniques that could be very useful for your works. While it feels...

11 Oct, 2020

Memory Grid: A Useful Method for Your Mental Health

The process for creating a memory grid involves: (1) finding a memory that is important...

18 May, 2020

Benefits of Probiotics on Mental Health and Digestive System

What are Probiotics and their Benefits Probiotics are micro-organisms that help digestion and provide a...

15 May, 2020

Anger Management

What is Anger Management Anger management is an anger reduction and control psycho-therapeutic program. It...