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A child psychologist is a person who follows the physical, social and psychological development of the child. In the field of child and adolescent development from infancy to adolescence and is also in the follow-up of psychological and social problems experienced by the child. At the same time, sharing the child’s development and mental status with the child’s family, cooperating with the family and overcoming some problems are the main duties of the child psychologist.

Although there is a perception in our society that says:. ”There is no need to consult a psychologist unless there is a serious problem.” Your child should see the child psychologist periodically. This is for developmental and mental health in the age range of 0-6 years, whether or not they have problems. For this reason, delays in the developmental stages,postponing other psychological problems in the child ”may cause bigger problems.

The methods used by the child psychologist when working with children are very rich. Today, using different methods without rather than asingle method makes psychological support more effective. The methods that child psychologists use are as follows.

*Play Therapy:

The first activity that comes to mind when it comes to children is undoubtedly the game. Especially in early childhood game therapy applications are very good results. Since they haven’t develop language skills and the ability to express themselves, it is easier for young children to express themselves through games and toys. Game for children is not only a means of entertainment but also a means of communication.

In normal circumstances, it is not possible to solve problems by asking questions and waiting for answers. For this reason, play therapy makes it easier for children to reveal their own behavior, feelings and thoughts. Psychologist creates a place where the child can freely choose the toy of his choice and play creative games. Feeling free in the playroom, the child reveals the negative events that affect him. As well as the feelings and thoughts he suppresses, the problems he experiences, under the supervision of the psychologist.

*Child Development Tests:

Child development tests are very important for the follow-up of normal and healthy development and early diagnosis. The mental, social, perception and motor skills should be monitored regularly in order to determine developmental disabilities in children. Therefore, it is one of the most frequently used test groups of child psychologists.
Child Attention and Perception Tests:

These tests measure the attention and perception of children who have problems such as focusing problems, distractions or inability to stop.

*Child Intelligence Tests:

Gifted who are seen beyond their peers can take intelligence test. Children who develop differently and who have learning disabilities from their peers can also take these tests. However, a specialist must help to these tests.

Read our article about one of the Inteligence Tests: What is WISC-R?

*Children’s Painting:

When it comes to children, painting is among the areas of interest. Children use the picture as a means of communication, just like the game. Expert psychologist interprents the painting of children who’s reflecting his feelings on his painting.

*Child-Focused Family Therapy:

In this approach, the child is not treated alone but in terms of interaction with his / her family and family members. Therapists try to determine the effect of each family member on the child’s problem. And what each member can do for the child . They reveal the child’s psychology by analizing the interactions of individuals in the family

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