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Here is a great CBT Mobile app for you. Woebot was designed by psychologists working at Stanford for more than 10 years. The founders of two psychologists: Alison Darcy and Athena Robinson.
When Alison and Athena worked as clinical psychologists, their greatest goal was to reach all the people around the world. So they started to work and this application appeared.

Update: This app has won the 20219 Google Play Award Winner award.

Woebot Users Across The Globe
Woebot Users Across The Globe

What is the Woebot Mobile app?

This is a mobile application. A robot you can use as a life coach. There are many different tools, games, tests and video games in this application that uses CBT techniques.

Sometimes we may not be able to work with a psychologist. (money, time and distance). You may need a life coach to contact you all the time. You can do this online , which can make you feel better.

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Who can use this application ?

This application is the result of a meticulous work that lasted more than 20 years. All people who experience anxiety and depression can use it. The app is easy to use, appeals to every age group. This practice is not a therapy but a coaching exercise.

How it works

We tested it. The details of the research are here.

Woebot is confident about it. An explanation.

We’re committed to continuing to test Woebot’s efficacy through ongoing research collaborations with Stanford University.
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