Most Famous Dissociative Identity Disorder

Although it’s not very common in history, there are cases and examples of multiple personality that attract attention. Some of the people who diagnosed with this personality disorder experienced rapist and suicidal people. Let’s get to know the most recognized cases of multiple personality in history.

Louis Vivet

First Case of Multiple Personality Disorder: (Theft – Partial truth)

The first record in medical history of multiple personality disorders belongs to Louis Vivet. Louis Vivet ‘s mother was a whore. Born on February 12, 1863, this French boy was neglected throughout his childhood. When he was 8, he committed his first crime.

Vivet, who started working in vineyard, encountered a viper snake. Although the snake did not sting him, he suffered some kind of paralysis at the moment. Vivet, who could not walk for 1 year, stayed in a nursing home during this time. He left the nursing home at the age of 18 and could not stay away from the nursing homes for a very long time.

In this period, differences began to emerge in Vivet’s character. Now he had a darker and colder character. The young man who was frequently hospitalized for many years was diagnosed with multiple personality in 1980. Young man had 10 different characters. In the following years, doctors claimed that Vivet had only 3 characters.

Juanita Maxwell

(Murder and Robbery)

Juanita Maxwell is 23 years old. In 1979 she kills Inez Kelle, a 72-year-old hotel guest. Juanita Maxwell is arrested as Kelly’s murder suspect who was bitten, beaten and strangled. When Juanita Maxwell was in court, she claimed that she did not remember anything.

Juanita was seeing psychologist during the trial, then they realized she had multiple personality disorders. Juanita had 6 different alters (different sub-personalities), one of which was dominant.

It was Wanda Weston who made the defense during the trial. Seeing the obvious difference between the two characters, the judge was convinced of this disease. Because Juinata was a calm person who spoke quite softly, Wanda had a very angry and aggressive character. Wanda laughed at the story of the murder and managed to scare everyone in the hall.

Juinata remained in a mental hospital until 1988, complaining that she could not receive the right treatment. After releasing two armed bank robberies, the young woman argued that Wanda did these thefts again. Wanda took control of Juinata, who said the stress of living outside was too much.

Judy Castelli

(Suicide / Self-harm / Artist)

Judy Castelli has been physically and sexually abused for a long time. Judy Castelli tried to fight depression for a long time.
In 1967, when she enrolled at the university, school psychologist suggested her to stay home. In the years that followed, Castelli began to hear voices telling him to harm him. Listening to these voices, the woman cut almost all of her face, lost an eye and almost became unable to use one arm. Young women who attempted suicide many times were taken to hospital many times. Each time Castelli was diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia.

In the 1980s, Castelli began singing in some of the locations in Greenwich Town. During this period, Castelli performed in some Broadway shows. She also produced very successful products in the art of sculpture and glass.

In 1994, Castelli began to receive therapy again and they revealed that she had 7 different alter personality. During the period they continued therapy, 44 more Castelli’s personalities emerged. After having multiple personality disorders, she pursue a career as an artist. Castelli also directed people with psychological disorders to artistic activities.

Judy Castelli

( Book author )

Truddi was physically and sexually assaulted by her stepfather when she was 2 years old (1937), and was subjected to emotional abuse by her mother until she was 12 years old. After becoming an adult, Truddi, who had a very stressful job, decided to go to a psychologist because of the problems she faced. As a result of the therapy with the psychologist, it turned out that Truddi had 92 different personalities.

The youngest character, Lamb Chop, is a 5-6 year old girl. Another character, Ean, is a 1000-year-old Irish poet and philosopher. These characters, who were not aware of each other, had no behavior towards each other.

She is one of the names who wrote books in Truddi. The book, published in 1987,(When Rabbit Howls). Moreover, this book inspired a television series.

Shirley Mason

Source: csicon

Born on June 25, 1923, Shirley Mason had a very difficult childhood

Mason received therapy for different psychological disorders and was diagnosed with multiple personality disorders following an incident in 1955. Finding himself in different cities, hotel rooms and unable to remember how she got there, Mason also went to the shops and started to damage the products. Unable to remember why and when she did this, different characters of Mason began to emerge in therapies in a short time.

Her life was published as a book and it was among the bestselling books. This book was also made into a television series that was very popular on television at that time.

What makes Sybil, or Shirley Mason, quite popular is some of the mysteries about him. Many people believe that Manson is a mental patient who falls in love with her psychiatrist. Since she was diagnosed with multiple personality by her psychiatrist, there are others who think that this situation has occurred in him. Mason acknowledges this in 1958 with a letter to her doctor. But his doctor thinks that Manson did this to deny that she was completely ill. Therefore, Manson and his doctor continued therapy for many years and 16 different personalities appeared during the therapy.

Billy Milligan

(The most famous Case, Killer and Rapist)


Billy, an alcoholic and gambler, lived with his mother and his mother’s new wife after his father’s suicide. After a long marriage, the mother Dorothy married Chalmer Milligan this time. This was the second marriage of Chalmer, who had two daughters from his first marriage.

When he was 20 years old, he tried for rape and armed robbery. About 7-8 months after his release, he raped three more women on a university campus. Billy He was acting like a 3-year-old kid, Billy says one of his victims. Moreover, Billy was not content with this and he involved in three cases of kidnapping, three times of robbery and four rape. He then admitted to the correctional facility again. Billy was diagnosed with multiple personality disorders by the psychologist. During his stay in the mental hospital, he had 10 different and 13 different personalities.

Billy, who had been treated by different doctors in different hospitals for quite a long time, was acquitted of all the cases in which he was tried. Because it was the alterers who committed the crimes, most of them unaware of each other. I mean, Billy wasn’t responsible for any crime he committed.

This was a first in its field.

After 36 years of hospitalization, Billy hasn’t involved in any crime. Billy hasn’t heard from him in five years. Then he learned to start preparing a short film project, Billy managed to disappear again. In 2014, at the age of 59, he died of cancer in a nursing home.

Billy’s interesting story didn’t go unnoticed by the Hollywood world. Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and John Cusack starred in the film. However, the project, shelved 15 years ago due to financial deficiencies, is now on the agenda again. Leonardo Di Caprio, who has been waiting for Billy to play this role for 20 years, will play Billy in the project, which has been renamed Crow The Crowded Room..

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