Motivational Interviewing

What is Motivational Interviewing techniques and how does it work?

Motivational interviewing is a technique for bringing about change. Change is a difficult process for all of us. Sometimes we strive to achieve change, sometimes to sustain it. The situations in which we have the most difficulties in our life are generally the situations in which we are in change. Motivational interviewing aims to support, provide and sustain change.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the fuel of change. The more quality, efficient and sustainable our sources of motivation are, the more likely we are to reach the target. With these interviews, we work on our motivations, which are the basis of change, and ensure that people reach their change goals. It is usually applied in areas where we need to choose between instant gratification and long-term benefit. This can be an example of changing eating habits and choosing not to eat sweet (instant gratification), with the goal of losing weight (long term benefit).

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