7 Myths and Misconceptions About Therapist

This list lists the wrong information that is known about therapy. This list has been prepared by Mustafa GÖDEŞ, Clinical Psychologist. Get the right information about therapist and therapy concepts. Myths and Misconceptio are also on the subject.

Wrong: The psychotherapist increases motivation, gives ideas and consoles the client.

Psychotherapy: It treats in the long term. Its purpose is not to provide motivation. Does not give an idea, does not worry, does not criticize your behavior or your thoughts / does not give approval.

Wrong: It is possible to get rid of the problems in the first session with psychotherapy.

Actually: The first few sessions in psychotherapy are usually aimed at identifying the individual and identifying the problem and the treatment strategies to be applied.
Clients often think that they will be free of their problems at the first meeting and start a whole new life. This causes frustration and half the treatment.
Psychotherapy requires time to solve the problem.

Wrong: Psychiatrists only write medicine, do not do therapy.

Actually: Psychotherapy; is a field that specializes in the field of education and training after the university education.
There are also psychiatrists who have received psychotherapy training and are psychotherapists.

Wrong: It is enough to use antidepressant instead of psychotherapy.

Actually: The alternative to psychotherapy is not antidepressant drugs. The use of antidepressants unconsciously raises problems for short-term problems, and in the long term, the brain can cause more serious problems as a result of a breakdown of the neurochemical balance of the brain.

  Wrong: Psychotherapies can also do without a license.

Actually: Actually: Psychotherapy has been an area that can be abused frequently in our country as well as all over the world. It is not ethical for people who do not have psychology or medical education to do psychotherapy with some courses they take short-term (hypnosis, eft, etc.).
Hypnosis, eft and emdr are important instruments that can be used in therapy. However, it is not scientific to claim that people who do not have a psychology background only improve diseases through these methods.

Again, those who apply these methods such as ”panic attack in 1 day son,“ get rid of depression in 3 sessions günde are not compatible with scientific data. Such claims cannot be made without any consultations and evaluations.

Wrong: Psychotherapy deals only with the past

Actually: Psychotherapy is not just a process in which childhood memories or past traumas are described.
Therapies that focused on childhood memories and past traumas were psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies and were extremely old schools. However, this is one of dozens of different therapy methods and techniques known in the world. For example, cognitive and behavioral therapies do not focus too much on past experiences. It works with the day.

Wrong: Psychotherapy only goes to patients and problematic people.

Actually: Psychotherapies are not just sick people. Every person faces challenging processes throughout their lives. Psychotherapy provides great benefits to the individual in order to make healthier decisions in these periods, to overcome the process with the least damage and to lead a more balanced life.

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