Napoleon complex in Females and Most Successful Short Female Celebrities

Napoleon Complex; It is the inferiority complex theory that is generally seen in short men and women. According to this theory, which was named after the French emperor Napoleon, negative behaviors such as excessively aggressive behavior and the desire to be authoritarian are observed in short people. The Napoleon complex is viewed, in psychology, as a negative social stereotype. This article contains the Napoleon Complex in Female.

Studies show that the Napoleon complex causes aggression in men. [1] However, the same result was not achieved in women. In women, the Napoleon complex manifests itself as authoritarian behavior and being dominant.

Napoleon complex in Females

In women, being short is often not bothersome. Wearing high heels is often a simple but useful solution. In addition, in evolutionary terms, being short causes a disadvantage in males, while females do not.

If you’re not a perfectionist woman, being short won’t be too much trouble for you. In fact, many men find the petite type of short women much more attractive. Below, I would like to present some of the most admired, paid and well-known women in the world, despite their short stature.

Although the women you see below were short, they probably never bothered with their short stature, and they were always successful. Although women are short, they are much more lucky than men for many reasons. By using these advantages, you can easily change your perception of your own body.

Regardless, if you can’t get rid of these negative thoughts and feel bad about yourself, I suggest you examine your negative automatic thoughts.

Napoleon Complex
Napoleon Complex

In scientific studies (2), it has been shown that taller women and men are more attractive.

 These findings are confirmed for both males and females, but being taller seems to be more relevant for males, while being thinner is more important for females. We have also found that taller and thinner females and males tend to be married with partners earning higher labor incomes. 


Short Women’s Style Icons on Earth

 Miroslava Duma 4’9 ”

Miroslava Duma is one of Russia’s most beautiful women. In addition, Duma is one of the most followed fashion icons in the world. Although Miroslava Duma is very short, she dresses very well and successfully. Millions of people follow Miroslava Duma’s clothes and what they wear today.
This means that the belief that “short women cannot dress well” appears as a false negative automatic thought.

    Kourtney Kardashian 5 ′ 1 ″

World’s Most Recognized Short Female Singers

    Hayden Panettiere 5 ′ 0 ″

  Cher lloyd 5 ′ 2 ″

                             Anna Kendrick 5 ′ 2 ″

Shakira 5 ′ 2 ″

Kylie Minogue 5 ′ 0 ″

Short Female Film Actors

 Hilary Duff 5 ′ 2 ″

Ellen Page 5 ′ 1 ″

 Eva Longoria 5 ′ 2 ″

Short women; can be successful, rich and famous.
But true happiness may not be in one of them.

Perfectionism and Competition

A perfectionist woman is always more prone to depression. These women constantly look for defects. Beauty, Short stature, Failure in business, Being popular or not. The lack of self-confidence may be due to defects found by the woman.

Women can always ask themselves these questions

  • Do I look attractive to men?
  • Am I shorter than other women?
  • Do I look more beautiful than other women?
  • Am I fatter than other women?
  • Do I dress better than other women?

Do not compare yourself to other women

Stop being the most perfect woman in the world to become a happy woman. Accept your shortcomings and choose to live with people who truly love you in your natural state.

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