Development of Narcissistic Mother and Child

What is Narcissism and the characteristics of a narcissistic mother? Narcissism is actually a normal stage of human development. However, the narcissism we are dealing with is related to the pathological state of “extreme” narcissism.

Narcissism is enough to create an image of a person’s sense of self-worth that conceals an exaggerated value.
It is caused by a wound that causes it to lose. Advocating such a shaky image is often causes a lot of overly defensive behavior, ranging from directly attacking anyone who threatens. If you manage to activate the embarrassment in the vengeful narcissist, she will do everything in her power to harm you.

Some of the characteristics of extreme narcissists are as follows

  • The subject should always be themselves.
  • They feel an intense desire to receive admiration and attention from others.
  • They’re never wrong.
  • They are unique and superior in every way.
  • They are emotionally shallow and do not feel empathy.

Narcissistic Mother

A narcissistic mother associates each issue with herself. Of her child’s achievements and from her own point of view. She takes credit for everything that shows well. However, in the defense of her self-image at all costs she blames others directly for everything that goes wrong.
She can also put the feeling of shame she suppresses on one of her children, and that’s enough to make them mistreat. Becomes a cause.

A narcissistic mother associates each issue with herself and takes a share from her child’s successes. But since she has to defend her self-image at all costs, she blames others directly for everything that goes wrong.

Also, the shame she represses can put her name on one of her children, and that becomes enough reason to mistreat them. This is what a narcissistic mother creates from you; I guess I’m not good enough.

This feeling stems from the mother’s criticism and always wanting to outshine you. How can you truly grow and succeed knowing that the mother will punish you or try to take your success away often passively aggressively.

A narcissistic mother can have emotional fluctuations and, when threatened, experience a state called narcissistic anger. She shouts horrible things and makes wild accusations. If nothing else works, she acts as a victim.
If you have an extremely narcissistic parent; You learn to admit the accusations and put aside your needs.

Narcissistic mothers are confusing. Because they can be affectionate and supportive when they are not threatened, especially when their children are young. Narcissistic mothers can often be competitive as their daughters grow up, arrogantly criticizing their appearance, flirt with their boyfriends, or make friends with their friends.

When someone rejects your reality, you are out of balance. Narcissistic, borderline personality disorder or dissociative mothers said, “Not all of them were like that.” they can answer, they may even lie. If you are not sure of your own perceptions, you can begin to doubt your own reality. This deeply shakes your sense of self.

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