Online Therapy& Traditional Therapy: A comparison

Internet-based interventions and effective programs are the last-line alternative to traditional face-to-face therapies. They have the potential to spread rapidly around the world and are a promising treatment

Internet-based interventions come to the forefront because they are accessible to many people who cannot receive psychological services, and are also low-cost, effective innovative methods.

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In a study, Panic Online, a web-based CBT intervention for patients with panic disorder. (with or without agoraphobia), was compared with face-to-face CBT application. The Panic Online program is a structured program includes four learning modules and a relapse prevention module. A total of 86 people were randomly assign to Panic Online and face-to-face CBT groups. The Panic Online program took less therapist time than face-to-face CBT. Both interventions showed significant decreases in the severity of panic disorder and agoraphobia. As the low frequency of panic attacks it provides improved quality of life.

According to a study there isn’t a significant difference between online therapy and face to face therapy.

Furthermore in patients with anxiety disorders; online supported psychotherapy was found to be effective in reducing anxiety levels

Traditional Therapy
Traditional Therapy @carefreemind2020

In another study, the effectiveness of internet based CBT and traditional CBT groups in the treatment of panic disorder (agoraphobia / agoraphobia) was discussed. 113 patients were randomly assign to the groups. There is a significant improvement on the severity of panic disorder after treatment in both treatment settings. For Online CBT, the effect size for the group was Cohen’s d = 1.73 and the effect size for the traditional therapy was d = 1.63. This study supports the effectiveness of Online CBT for patients with panic disorder. In summary Online CBT is effective in reducing panic attack and agoraphobia symptoms.

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