How to Find an Online Therapist  Is Online Therapy Useful?

In this article I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the online therapy method in America. How to Find an Online Therapist. How is it applied? I will describe in detail how you can find the appropriate online Therapist.

What is Online Therapy?

It is a method that has various methods on the internet for individuals who cannot reach a therapist

1- )Remote Psychological support is provided in different ways
2- )Emergency help numbers
3- )Suicide prevention phones in bridges
4- )Email
5- )Video conferencing or online chat environments Skype WhatsApp
6- )Online group therapy or self-help groups
7- )Drawing programs and art therapy

online therapist
Online Therapist

Online Therapy Rooms

There are psychotherapy offices in virtual therapy settings. You can find everything in these virtual offices everything thats in a normal therapy office, such as a waiting room psychotherapy room. Specialist therapists apply therapy using the system there.

how to find an online therapist  is online therapy useful? 1

Who is online therapy suitable for

1- ) People who want to hide themselves
2- )People who are constantly traveling
3- )People in different countries and cities:
4- )People who use too much Internet may apply in online therapy

Online therapy for those who can not leave home

It is an alternative solution for people who have physical limitations
Online therapy can be useful for parents who have no one to leave their children at home
Online therapy is for patients with agoraphobia. Sometimes psychotherapists offer home visits and psychotherapy. But such services are not very common. Virtual therapy makes communication easier.
Hikikomori therapy can also be online.

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Native Therapy for Immigrants Online Therapy

It provides immigrants living in their country with the opportunity to receive online therapy in their mother tongue from psychotherapists who speak their language.
Some clients think therapists living in their own countries are better

Clients who are not eligible for online therapy

Patients who hurt themselves
Hallucinations and delusions
Suicidal thoughts
Online therapy for alcohol and drug addiction is not appropriate.

how to find an online therapist  is online therapy useful? 3

Ethical Principles


In face-to-face therapy, the patient gets information about the treatment to sign the information document.

Emergency Situations

Some therapists practice therapy with the client, which is only a reasonable distance away. Thus, the parties may request face-to-face meetings in emergency situations.

Therapist’s License

Some of the online therapy specialists offer services outside of the countries. But ethics and state regulations vary by country, this should be spoken at the beginning of therapy.

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Online Therapy sites

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