Othello Syndrome

Another name for this syndrome is pathological jealousy. This disorder, which causes obsessive thoughts, is a psychological illness. It is a very common disorder that can be treated with psychotherapy.

It is called envy, in other words desiring, to want to have a feature or object in someone else.
There is no pathological aspect of it. The thought of “I wish no one has it unless I have it” triggers the emotion we call envy.
Othello sydrome is jealousy based on the fear of not losing what is in hand, while the other one is the jealousy of wanting to have in someone else’s own.
The jealousy of not losing what is in hand shows lack of self_confidence.

Symptoms of Othello Syndrome

Obsessively jealous of the person he is with from everything and everyone.
Creating unrealistic thoughts and believing in them.
Don’t make it a phobia to break up from a lover and a wife.
Overreaction to a simple event.
Tendency to extreme aggression and violence.
Othello Syndrome (pathological jealousy) greatly affects bilateral relations.

Othello Syndrome in Family and Relationship Therapy

When the relationship between the spouses is considered othello syndrome (pathological jealousy) occurs as follows.

“Darling, I trust you and I don’t trust the environment. I know you won’t do it wrong, but there are many different people around.”
These words actually contain jealousy and insecurity.

It should not be forgotten that these partially acceptable words are an important step towards making life and relationship difficult.

The person you hear these words may be your lover, your partner, your friend. “I trust you, but I don’t trust those around you.” the true equivalent of saying; “I don’t trust you too much.”

Do you want your lover’s, your partner’s social media account passwords? It is unfair to check the messages written to your lover.

Othello Syndrome (Pathological Jealousy) Clinical Presentation and Treatment

The most pathological form of jealousy is othello syndrome (pathological jealousy).

Othello syndrome (pathological jealousy) is not a remarkable disorder. The functionality of the person remains only with that limited area of ​​his / her spouse or lover; These people can work as a doctor, lawyer, housewife.

But in the bilateral relations, there may be fighting and violence every day. This is a very serious problem. There are cases of pathological jealousy in some of the “jealousy murders” news, sometimes reflected on the 3rd page.

Man who killed the doctor after a jealousy attack

Some of the female murders have othello syndrome (pathological jealousy). These cases should definitely receive psychological treatment.

Psychotherapy is the most commonly used method in treatment. Cognitive behavior therapy can create awareness.

These people,

She feels unhappy.

People with this kind of problem experience constant insecurity. they want to take control in two relationships. They check everything, phones, emails, friends. Such a love is unfortunately not acceptable. In such jealousy situations, at least one therapy support is mandatory.

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