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22 Sep, 2021

Morita Therapy

What is Morita Therapy? The treatment model was developed by Shoma Morita, who is a...

22 Sep, 2021

What Are The Psychotherapy Theories and Methods?

What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapies, which aim to make the client happy by creating a change...

22 Sep, 2021

Method of Multi Approach Psychotherapy

What is Multi Approach (Multimodal Psychotherapy)? Multi-approach psychotherapy was developed by Arnold Lazarus and is...

22 Sep, 2021

The Biography of Albert Ellis

Who is Albert Ellis? Albert Ellis was an American psychologist and psychotherapist (September 27, 1913-July...

22 Sep, 2021

Who is Marsha Linehan? Biography – A Success Story

She is the creator of behavioral dialectic therapy. Marsha Linehan attempted suicide many times. She...

22 Sep, 2021

A Biography of Emile Coue

In the early 1900s, a French psychologist and pharmacist named Emile Coue had a new...

1 Sep, 2021

Napoleon Complex: What Is It?

What is Napoleon Complex? Napoleon Complex is a term that refers to people who are...

30 Aug, 2021

How to Apply CBT Therapy for Autism: A Comprehensive Guide

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often used to treat anxiety disorders, depression and other mental...