Mental Health

Anger Management

Our emotions are feelings that enable us to adapt to environmental expectations, lead us to a behavior. Such as fear, amazement, sadness,joy .. Anger is...

Mental Disorders

Alcohol Related Disorders

Alcoholic beverages are commonly used all over the world. As the amount and frequency of use increases, they have many negative consequences both by direct...

Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfunction

It is the difficulty in achieving the necessary and sufficient erection to maintain any sexual activity. This can happen from the beginning of a man’s...

CBT techniques

Sexual Dysfunctions

A fulfilled sexual life is one of the basic building blocks of a healthy life. The mental health status of the individual is closely related...

Mental Disorders

Compulsive / Pathological Gambling

Gambling is a very common activity. Although the type of games played over the years varies, gambling addiction, which is a challenge in impulse control,...

Mental Disorders

Substance Addiction

Drugs produced for the treatment of a disease are not considered as “substances if prescribed by the doctor and used in the prescribed dose and...


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