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13 Oct, 2019

Dermatophagia :Biting Finger Skin

Dermatophagia is a habit of starting to chew the pen and eat the fingernail. This...

13 Oct, 2019

What is Eroticized Transfer?

Eroticized transference is an excessive desire for satisfaction and adversely affects the therapy processes. When...

13 Oct, 2019

Depression and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

Depressive disorders; depression, indifference, reluctance and inability to enjoy; slowdown in behavior, progressive inhibition; All...

13 Oct, 2019

Erotomania: De Clerambault Syndrome

Erotomania is to believe that you are loved and desired by everyone around. When erotomanics...

13 Oct, 2019

Theories of Personality Development: From Past to Today

This content includes all the personality development theories that have contributed to Theories of Personality...

8 Oct, 2019

Othello Syndrome

Another name for Othello Syndrome is pathological jealousy. This disorder causes obsessive thoughts. It is...

8 Oct, 2019

A New Hobby for Anxiety Problem: Cross stitch

It can be very useful to deal with any business that you love in problems...