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18 Oct, 2021

Compulsive Cleaning: An Interesting Case of OCD

Not many people know about compulsive cleaning disorder, but it can lead to serious consequences....

18 Oct, 2021

Dermatophagia: Skin Eating Disease

Dermatophagia, or the act of eating one’s own skin, is not a common disorder. However,...

18 Oct, 2021

Erotomania: De Clerambault Syndrome

A new study published essay in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that erotomania is...

18 Oct, 2021

Obsessive Love Disorder: Adele’s Syndrome

What is Obsessive Love Disorder Obsessive Love Disorder (OLD) refers to a disease in which...

18 Oct, 2021

A New Hobby for Anxiety Problem: Cross Stitch

IIt’s possible to use cross stitching to heal many issues, including anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder,...

16 Oct, 2021

Emile Coue Method and 4 Unusual Suggestions

This article is about Emile Coue’s ”Conscious Autosuggestion” method. If you want to read his...

16 Oct, 2021

7 Cartoon Characters With Bipolar Disorder

All of the comic book characters listed in this list are related one way or...

16 Oct, 2021

Self Empowerment Via Cognitive Approach

Self Empowerment is one of the basic techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy. The self-schema about...